So, yet again we’ve just witnessed an inspiring couple of weeks of sport  with The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.  We have seen athletes and para-athletes using their bodies to the maximum.  However, it is worth remembering that we all have the same amazing piece of biological engineering, albeit we don’t compete on an international stage.

We need to keep the body working to enjoy good health.  It is an active & dynamic thing – use it or lose it.  But it might give problems.  We might overwork a hamstring muscle.  We might pull an Achilles tendon.  We might strain one of the dozens of joints we all possess.  If you have any of these conditions or other aches or pains associated with your sport or activity it is worth considering getting professional advice to help in restoring your body back to a state of health.

The tissue giving rise to the symptoms might need individual treatment, or there might be some imbalance further afield that needs attention so the whole of your body is working in a balanced manner.  Think of the analogy of driving your car with the handbrake on.  You will be putting the engine and all the components associated with it under strain. If something goes wrong with your car you get the mechanic to look at it right away.  Your body is a far more superior piece of construction than the most expensive or sophisticated of cars.  Yet, you wouldn’t dream of not getting your car regularly seen to.

Why not pop into The Broadstone Clinic for a 6,000 mile service? We have a range of physical therapists to help you.  There are two osteopaths: Guy Ryder and Andrew Smythe.  I work at The Clinic as a manipulative therapist.  Put a call through to the clinic: 01202 692493.  With one of  us working at The Clinic every day we can always see someone promptly.


David Allen DO BSc