The hands of the Practitioner are the conduit for Reiki energy to flow to wherever it is most needed; it will naturally be drawn to any imbalances.

Reiki has its origins in Japan. It is a gentle, safe energy healing system, whereaby a hands on approach is used to heal, de-stress and balance the mind, body and spirit.

Reiki is a powerful healing therapy which offers:
Increased energy
Improved self-confidence

Our Practitioners:

Carmen Newton Reiki Master



Carmen got involved in the world of complementary therapies after suffering with a hormonal imbalance for nearly 10 years. After trying many different approaches and not finding any relief to the symptoms that were ruling her life and had turned it upside down affecting her family life, she was introduced to Reflexology and Reiki by a wonderful friend and therapist.

After a few Reflexology treatments and within three months of being attuned to Level 1 in Reiki I was able to give up conventional treatments. I was astounded, and a seed was planted. My health and my lifestyle improved so much that I started to think I wanted to show other people what complementary therapies can do. This is when Carmen decided to train as a Reflexologist.

The training was a journey of discovery for her as she learned many things about herself. Carmen even made it to Finalist for Student of the Year Award, organised by The Federation of Holistic Therapists, of which she is a proud member.

Reiki is a beautiful healing art offering beneficial, calming, balancing and stress-reducing effects. It is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of light touch or non-touch to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.


Jean Curtis Usai Reiki II

Jean Curtis holds a second degree level in Usai tradition of natural healing. Having been an estate agent for 10 years, as well as  an ex gymnast & tennis player she recognises the adverse effects of stress in a busy world & taking time out to be kind to oneself. Born and brought up in Bath, Jean now resides in Poole and offers Reiki. She is committed to helping people find balance in their lives.

 Looking to give balance & to offer relaxing, re-energising therapies in this busy world. She has been receiving Reiki herself for several years.

 Annie Harrington Usai Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher

In 2004 Annie joined a 1st degree group that her Reiki Master Robert France was teaching.

From that day onwards she knew she had made a connection with Reiki .

Annie now practices as a Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher plus is also a Karuna Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher.

She is passionate about Reiki and truly believes in the positive impact it has upon those who find it.

Registered practitioner with the Reiki Federation as well as being the current elected Reiki Federation Chair since 2016.

Annie also teaches Usai Reiki at the clinic, please call for more details.

Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a therapeutic approach that is natural, non-invasive and holistic. It can be described as a flow of beneficial energy between the healer and the recipient that deals with the condition at its deepest level and frees our natural resources to work in the most effective way for us.

Healing is subtle energy that can aid emotional and spiritual support.   This therapeutic approach has the intention of promoting self-healing, and to bring a sense of well-being and peace to the recipient.

 How may it help?

Healing is about restoring balance to our life and in our relationships with others. It can be helpful with a wide range of conditions.

Our practitioner:-

Louise French energy healer






Louise French – a qualified full healer member of The Healing Trust since 1997, EFT Practitioner Level II

Louise worked at a healing centre in South London and gained 15 years experience in  a diverse range of problems on the emotional and mental levels. In October 2012, Louise moved to Bournemouth where she has resumed her healing therapy work.

Louise has recently trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), having originally used the therapy on herself for over a year, was so impressed by its results and its perfect compatibility with energy healing, that she felt it was essential to offer it as an additional  therapy.  Having recently qualified, for a limited time only, Louise is currently offering EFT free of charge to those booking a healing session with her (to be reviewed in November 2013).

You can read more about Louise and what she offers here

Cost of energy healing

Initial session (up to 40 mins) & follow up sessions (up to 30 mins)  – £40.00.