What are cell salts? By Susan Gianevsky B.Ed, ITF, Dip Hom, International speaker, Author

Tissue Salts are a homeopathically prepared micro dose of the body’s 12 vital minerals.  They are inorganic mineral substances exactly the same as those that compose our earth and its soil.  Any deficiency or imbalance can result in illness.

Dr. W H Schuessler , a 19th Century German homeopathic physician regarded them as the material basis of the organs and tissues of the body.  Therefore Tissue Salts are vital constituents of the body and need to remain balanced for our cells to absorb the nutrients from our diet.

Did you know that the body is actually made up of trillions of microscopic cells?   Cells rely heavily on minerals- like calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium in order to function.   Many take these minerals in crude form not realizing that unless they add Tissue Salts to their health regime they will not have the accelerated absorption Tissue Salts create within the cells.

We naturally ingest these minerals in our food and water. When we are healthy, we can assume that our cells are getting all the minerals they need. If we have symptoms such as dry skin, acne, poor digestion, muscle pain, nerve pain, sinus congestion, anxiety, and many other common ailments, we can assume that part of the “problem” is that our cells are not functioning optimally. This reduced function may be due to a mineral deficiency.

Tissue Salts are a combination of minerals that the body is able to absorb and use. The theory behind Tissue Salts  is that in order for the cells to be able to benefit from mineral  supplements, they must be in a form that is both small enough (remember, we are talking about tiny cells that utilize minute amounts of a substance) and in the correct combination.

Dr. Schuessler combined all of these requirements into tablets now referred to as:

“cell salts “, “mineral salts, ” or “Tissue Salts”.  Tissue Salts are  very popular around the world and more and more people are enjoying their added benefits on a daily basis.  They are suitable for the whole family and even suitable for people on prescriptive medication.  There are no known side effects.

A selection of Tissue Salts is now available at the Broadstone clinic. Try this interactive remedy guide to find the best one for you. The clinic currently stocks the following:

Combination G – ‘Lumbago’ for backache, pain in the lumbar region

Combination I – ‘Fibrositis’ for muscular pain, inflammation

Combination M – ‘Rheumatism’ for stiff joints, poor mobility, fluid build up

Combination T – ‘1st Stage of Illness’ for inflammation, fever, onset sore throat, immune supportSingle Salt

2 – Calc Phos 6x -‘Bone Health’ for healthy bones & teeth, lowered vitality, indigestion & chilblains. Also beneficial for digestion

Single Salt 8 – Mag Phos 6x –  ‘Muscle Relaxant’ for spasmodic pains, cramps, colic & flatulence, menstrual & muscular spasms, pounding headaches