In Tuesday’s papers was an article about the NHS focussing on treating unhealthy lifestyles rather than killer diseases because they put the greatest burdens on doctors.

Dr Anne Rainsberry, the regional director of NHS England, said health services should be reformed “radically” to avoid increasing the strain on resources and creating a £4billion hole in NHS finances by 2020.
When the NHS was set up over 50 years ago it sought to tackle deadly diseases but improvements in medicine and standard of living, along with an ageing population means that demands have changed dramatically.  Four in every five deaths in London are due to unhealthy lifestyles, including factors like smoking, excess alcohol consumption, bad diet and a lack of exercise.
Surviving and making a good recovery from my massive stroke, (a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage), and complications of 2008 was because I was very fit and healthy. I have been involved with complementary medicine for over 20 years and practised what I preached and used to, and still do, lead a healthy lifestyle. Having the advice and access to treatments by the naturopath and acupuncturist at the clinic helped enormously.
Prevention is better than cure. If anyone is serious about improving their health I recommend consulting with our healthcare practitioners.  The reasons for my stroke were genetic.  Strokes, like plumbing problems, are due to a burst, (an aneurysm – genetic), or a blockage, (an ischaemic stroke – mostly lifestyle induced).  My survival and recovery were helped by being healthy.  We all tread a fine line.  Whether we succumb to a genetic disorder like I did or are involved with a life threatening accident, (which by definition occurs when we are not expecting it), help yourself in as many ways as you can.
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