In the paper today was an article on the scientific reasoning behind people who have had near death experiences:

Near death experiences ‘trick of the mind caused by high levels of CO2 in the blood’

After my stroke in May 2008 I was 3 on the Glasgow Scale. 15+ is fully conscious. My low score meant I was in a deep coma or dead! Technically, this is as near to death as you can get without actually dying.

I remember nothing of it.

I recall hanging my Mum’s curtains two days before my aneurysm but nothing after that. I had many complications and ended up 3 ½ months in a coma. Having “Been there, done that, got the T-shirt I feel qualified in saying that after life there is nothing. This is eloquently and hilariously described in Douglas Adam’s “Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy” Close friends have asked me since if I had a “near-death experience?” In all honesty there was nothing – no floating up and looking down on my body, no tunnel of light, no hanging around at the pearly gates with St P. To me death is now oblivion – a non state. As Max Quordlepleen, the host at the “Restaurant at the End of the Universe”, says, “After this there is nothing. Void. Emptiness. Oblivion. Absolute nothing …”

When I hear of people going on about near death experiences I beg to differ. I KNOW there is nothing. Whilst this might sound somewhat depressing I find it quite liberating. After a life that for some is a drudge and many wholly painful, death is a blessed relief. It is only our pitiful ego that struggles with the fact that we might not be eternal. I can see now the beauty of many religions and philosophies that see the profound truth in us being a small part of the bigger picture. As Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young sang: “We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon.”

Some people have said that maybe I didn’t get any near death experiences because I was not going to die. Many have said, and are thoroughly convinced that I did not die because they prayed for me. Whilst I admire their well intentioned convictions I silently disagree and seek not to injure their faith.

I have written an e-book: “A Bloke with a Stroke – the Hole Story” which you can find the link on our website

Half of the proceeds of this book will go to The Wessex Neurological Centre and Poole Hospital – they saved my life and gave me back a good quality of life.