A week very close to clinic owner David Allen’s heart, National Vegetarian Week is all about making a positive change. A vegetarian lifestyle is delicious, nutritious & sustainable. You can challenge your friends, family & colleagues to go veggie for a week at www.nationalvegetarianweek.org.

To celebrate National Vegetarian Week Monday 19th May -25th May the clinic is offering:

1) Free mini veggie hampers for anyone consulting with David Allen, manipulative therapist during National Vegetarian week

2) All vegetarian, some vegan: (v). Contents include herby cheesejacks, nuttyburgers (v), nut lasagne, no-cook chutney (v), carrot cake mini-muffins, mini chocolate crunch muffins, carob crunch.

3) £5 off consultations with David Allen for members of the Vegetarian Society.

So no-one has to miss out, or those that have tried David’s tasty treats and want the recipe,  here are the recipes for David’s mini veggie hampers during National Vegetarian Week!

 Herby Cheesejacks

A tasty savoury variation on sweet flapjacks.  Ideal with drinks before a dinner party.  I often serve these up with a bowl of spicy mixed nuts which go together well with an aperitif as a way of generating a good appetite.
Jumbo oats 1 oz (25g)
100% wholemeal flour 2 oz (50g)
Porridge oats 2 oz (50g)
Strong cheddar cheese, grated 6 oz (175g)
Free range egg, beaten 1
Butter or margarine, melted 2 oz (50g)
Sage, dried ½ tspn

Black pepper ½ tspn

Mix all the ingredients together.  Press into a shallow baking tray, 8” x 11”.  Bake in oven at 180 C (350 F/Gas Mark 4) for thirty-five minutes.  Cut into slices while hot; smaller squares for mouth sizes nibbles.  Allow to cool on a wire rack.  If any left store in an airtight tin.

Mark IV A Nuttyburgers –   vegan and rich in minerals, vitamins and protein (v)

This is the recipe of which I am most proud.  It has proved very popular over the years, even with my flesh eating friends.  The burgers should be solid and quite dense.  For more information on the Nuttyburgers and other recipes look at:

For videos of recipes https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=broadstone+clinic+recipes

4 onions – finely chopped
1 lb mixed nuts and seeds, eg peanuts, almonds cashews, walnuts, brazils, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds – chopped in food processor to size of black peppercorns – as in a lot of cooking the texture of the food is paramount – if the nuts and seeds are too fine there is not the desired “crunch” to the end nuttyburger; if too large the nuttyburger will not bind together as well
½  lb rolled oats
1 tspn black pepper
½ cup light tahini (or peanut butter slaked in milk)
½ generous cup tomato ketchup
2 tblspn miso or 1 tbspn Marmite – dissolved in ¼ pint warm water

2 tbspn soya sauce

Lightly fry onions in sunflower oil until soft.

Mix all the ingredients together in large mixing bowl until heavy and glutinous mass. The texture is very important.  The mixture tends to thicken more when left as the oats absorb the fluid.  When formed the burgers should hold their shape well.  Weigh out mixture into 3 oz portions and shape into burgers, rolling and covering in 100 % whole wheat flour.  Lightly fry the burgers in sunflower oil until brown on both sides.  Will freeze very well – can be thawed out and cooked.  These cook well on barbeques as hold together nicely.  Might need extra oil when cooking on barbecue as not like meat which oozes out its own juices.

Nutty Lasagne

When I first became a vegetarian 30 years ago, eating out in pubs and restaurants was a precarious business.  More often than not non-meat choices were omelette & chips or ploughman’s lunch.  At least most places now have vegetarian options, many more than one.  I have one friend, who though eats meat will always go for the vegetarian option when she eats out.  However, I rapidly tired of pub vegetarian lasagne, which often contain slimy vegetables that slip and slide across the plate.  So, I set about making something that had some body and would stay together until cut.  This was the genesis for my nutty lasagne, which is again high in complementary proteins and other nutrients.  The end result should be firm and crunchy.  It is solid lump of yummy food and most find two servings more than enough.

1 onion – finely chopped
1 stick celery – finely chopped
1 clove garlic – crushed
Black pepper – ground – 1 tspn
Virgin cold pressed olive oil
Tomato puree 2 tbspn
Demerara sugar 2 tspn
Cider vinegar 2 tspn
Soya sauce 1 tbspn
1 14oz (400g) can chopped tomatoes
Oregano/marjoram/dried basil 1 tbspn total
Mixed nuts and seeds, (cashews, almonds, peanuts, brazils, sunflower and sesame seeds), 1 lb (450g) chopped to the size of black peppercorns.  I use a food processor, but be careful not to chop the nuts too long or the lasagne will not  have a solid crunchy texture.  It is unnecessary to chop sunflower or sesame seeds
Mushrooms 1 lb (450g) – chopped and lightly fried in olive oil until soft
Sheets of lasagne
Edam 1 lb (450g) – grated

Nutmeg – ground

In large heavy based pan lightly fry onion, celery and garlic with black pepper in oil until soft.  Add tomato purée, sugar, vinegar, and soya sauce.  Over low heat stir in until vegetables coated.  Add can of tomatoes and herbs.  Cook gently for 5 minutes. Stir in nuts and seeds.  Take a large square lasagne dish.  Put half of mixture in dish and spread thinly.  Cover with sheets of lasagne.  Coat this layer with the mushrooms.  Put another layer of lasagne on top and then cover this with the remaining nutty mixture.  Put on one more layer of lasagne.  Wet this top layer of lasagne with hot water so it has some moisture and does not get too dried out.  There is normally enough moisture in the nutty/tomato mixture to necessitate doing this with the middle layers of lasagne. I’m always one for simplifying cooking.  Rather than go through the hassle of making a bechemal sauce I finish the lasagne with a layer of grated Edam and a generous dusting of ground nutmeg.

Cook in oven at 180 C (350 F/ Mark 4) for 45 minutes until just browning on top.  Remove from oven and cut up using serrated bread knife.  Use slice to remove portions.  Serve with salad and garlic bread.  Cool and freeze down any remaining portions.

Chutney (No cooking) (v) (GF)

I have always liked making pickles and chutneys but don’t like filling the kitchen with acrid fumes when reducing the mixture. This recipe does away with all that as you just mix it all up and let it marinate. The end result is yummy and a good consistency.  It goes well with the nuttyburgers, cheeses etc.

Stoned dates 450g (1 lb) – I  used to chop them by hand but now use a food processor
Sultanas 450g (1 lb)
Cooking apples – peeled and chopped 450g (1lb)
Onions – chopped 450g (1lb)
Demerara sugar – 450g (1lb)
Malt vinegar – 1 pint – 600ml (1 pint)
Sea salt – 1 tbspn
2 small pieces of whole ginger
2 cloves whole garlic – halved longitudinally
Black pepper – ground 1 tspn

2 small cotton bags of pickling spice (I use cut up old handkerchiefs – well washed!  Although in this day and age where Harry Potter has proved to be so popular bogey flavoured chutney might prove to be a winner.  If you’re not a Harry Potter fan that might be a bit esoteric).

Carob Crunch

Whilst not a substitute for chocolate, carob offers an alternative.  Even now I have regained my taste for chocolate since my stroke I like the flavour of carob.  My daughter often accuses her mum and I of child cruelty.  When she was little we used to give her carob buttons that were sugar and dairy free.  In spite of this she grew up amazingly well into a healthy teen and adult.  I would like to think she did not suffer too much.

Many people inquire what is carob?  Carob pods are the fruit of the carob tree. Carob pods grow up to 12 inches long. If you bite into a ripe carob, you will almost certainly enjoy it’s semi-sweet, mild flavour. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and contains no caffeine or oxalic acid. The carob seeds are removed, (they go to make a different food ingredient), and the actual pods are ground into powder and roasted to make carob powder.  It is native to the eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, where it has been in cultivation for 4,000 years.  There are many references to carob in the Bible.  The seeds were used to weigh gold, hence the word “carat”, as it was thought that they had a uniform weight.

Butter or margarine, melted 4oz (100g)
Carob Powder 2 tspn (10ml)
100% wholemeal flour 4oz (100g)
Baking powder 1 tspn (5ml)
Demerara sugar 2 ½oz (65g)
Sunflower seeds 2oz (50g)
Mix all the dry ingredients together.  Pour in the melted butter and stir well.  Grease a 7”, (18cm) sandwich tin, and press the mixture in.  Bake in an oven at 190 C (375 F/Mark 5) for 25 minutes.  Cut into wedges whilst hot.  Allow to cool and remove from tin.


Flapjack (v)

I have given this recipe a vegan rating.  Obviously this is not the case if you use butter.  Vegan margarines are available, but I must confess that I have never used them so cannot vouch for the results.

When I was in my teens my friends were obsessed with Mum’s flapjack.   My mate Gavin would come in the kitchen and head straight for the biscuit cupboard with hardly a hello.  We ended up hiding them.  I made the following recipe, hoping they would make it themselves, or at least get their own mums to make it.

If you want to make a richer flapjack then use butter in stead of margarine.  To make a thicker flapjack, rather than dividing the mixture between two baking trays, just spread the whole mixture into one.

Some people like their flapjack soft, others more crunchy.  When divided into two baking trays they come out more crunchy when cooled.  I personally prefer this.


1lb rolled oats
12oz margarine
8oz demerrara sugar

2tbspn golden syrup

Melt margarine in large heavy based pot.  Add sugar and stir until melted.  Stir in oats and then add golden syrup.  Divide mixture into two and put into a 11” by 7” greased baking tray.  Cook at 180 C (350 F, Gas Mark 4) for 30 minutes.  Remove from oven and cut into 16 whilst still hot.  Leave to cool.

Chocolate Crunch Mini Muffins

Not quite cupcakes, but near to it.  I recently found this quote from an unknown source which is worth repeating as it combines my love of cooking with the love for my friends.  It’s pretty sickly, but worth repeating  “Friends are like cupcakes in the pantry of my memories”are like cupcakes.

Continuing the chocolate theme, here’s a version of everyone’s favourite, chocolate Rice Krispies, only a little healthier.  There are also elements of Rocky Road biscuits.  However, unlike these there are no marshmallows.  Strict vegetarians don’t eat marshmallows as some, (not all), contain gelatin that is derived from animal products. Chocolate is a good source of carotenoids, especially plain chocolate, so is not completely bad.  But go easy.  As it said on the entrance to the Oracle of Delphi, “Nothing to excess”.  So, there’s my attempt to justify it.

This is a mega easy recipe – no bain maries.  When I first tried it the shortcake biscuits were too soft and were very crumbly.  I found it worked better when I found some that were a bit firmer.

Plain chocolate 60% 5oz (125g) or cut some strong plain chocolate with milk chocolate to taste
Shortcake biscuits 2oz (50g) – chopped coarsely.  Use biscuits with a fair bit of crunch as if they are too soft they will break up into fine crumbs.  Digestive biscuits work well.  Four will be enough.
Sultanas 2oz (50g)

Cashew nuts 2oz (50g) – lightly toasted and chopped to about the size of ½ peas.  I lightly roast them by putting on silver foil and putting under the grill.  I ALWAYS put the timer on in one minute intervals and then turn them about, as with the best will in the world you will forget them and they burn easily.

Break the chocolate up into small chunks and place in a small Pyrex bowl.  Place in microwave and cook for about 3 minutes, checking at 30 second intervals.  Some people don’t like the use of microwaves in anything so do let them know.  Stir regularly to make sure it mixes well.  It is easy to overcook the chocolate when it will burn and go lumpy.  I have found that the chocolate melts much more quickly in the summer months when it starts to be heated from a higher initial temperature.  When all melted stir in the biscuits, sultanas and cashews.  I find this works better if all the dry ingredients are mixed together before adding to the chocolate.  Spoon mixture into small cupcake cases in small muffin tray.  Cool in fridge until set.  These are much nicer if served cold.