A fast easy meal showing how quick tasty vegetarian cooking can be.

1 small red onion, finely chopped
Cold pressed virgin olive oil 2 tbspn
Black pepper – ground ½ tspn
4 Sticks celery – chopped, not too thin as you want a bit of crunch
Mushrooms wiped and chopped 9oz (250g)  Chestnut mushrooms are best.
Wholewheat flour – 2 tbspn
Miso – 1 tbspn
Dried thyme 1 tspn
Bay leaves – 2
Fromage frais 3 tbspn
Fry onion in oil with black pepper until soft.  Then add celery and continue frying gently.  Put chopped mushrooms into the pan and cook for further 5 minutes.  Sprinkle flour over mixture and stir over low heat. Mix miso into ¼ pint hot water.  Add to mixture and stir in thyme and bay leaves.  Slowly heat and stir regularly until thick.  Cover and leave on low simmer for ½ hour.  Add fromage frais and make sure mixture is hot before serving.  Can be vegan if miss out fromage frais, in which case use vegan substitute.  Accompany with long grain brown rice or bulghur.  I prefer rice.  If serving with rice I start the rice and make the stroganoff whilst the rice is cooking.  If served with pasta I particularly like penne or linguine.  Mango chutney also goes well with this dish.  This is one of the few vegetarian meals that is not so good the following day.  Rather than heat it I prefer to have it at room temperature.