Marjo joined the clinic in the Spring of 2013 after receiving her diploma in Iridology. She is a member of the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologist’s, and is also a Registered Midwife.

She has been working alongside Sarah Burt here at the clinic for a number of months now gaining clinical experience, she is also now starting to build her own patient list with the supervision of Sarah.

Naturopathy literally means ‘Nature Cure’ and the Naturopath will attempt to offer an individually tailored treatment programme using the most natural means possible to make a patient feel well again.

Herbal Medicine uses flower essences, diet and lifestyle changes to correct any imbalances revealed by iris diagnosis, where the organs and systems of the body are mapped out in the iris of the eye. Patients are not treated on a symptomatic level, so changes are long-lasting, with the aim of preventing re-occurrence.