Now we are in the holiday season and many people are avoiding ways of travel, whether it’s by air, boat or car.  Some people will not travel on motor ways, have not enjoyed flying and see fantastic mountains and lakes from the air, or a ferry / cruise, therefore causing difficulty at times for the whole family.

Hypnotherapy & NLP – (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) which NLP simply means conscious techniques help clients take control over their fears, phobias or stress related problems.  Whatever the reason a phobia or fear started, there’s a solution, because of the nature in which it started.  How often were spiders thrown at a younger child by their elders (brother usually!)?  The sudden surprise, sight or sound is normally the trigger for many issues.

If you really want to lose weight for your holidays, a wedding or celebration, consider Hypnosis or Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis, it can help you clear your mind of habits that have occurred because you have been ‘feeding an emotion’ for some time or just eating the wrong foods mindlessly.  Find out how you can take control!  Recently a lady lost an inch off her waist in a week!  Another who was 18.5 stones has lost 11lb in one month.

Whatever you think is a silly or stupid habit, but you know it’s a burden to you and you want to finally get rid of it, please contact Josephine Pridmore for a FREE 15 min initial chat / consultation at Broadstone Clinic, and she will be happy to be of assistance to help you combat your fears, phobias, stress, or any other situation you want to get rid of!  Click here for more information on hypnotherapy.

Josie Pridmore  MNH, PNLP. E.Hyp CRSST

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Josie Pridmore