Fear of flying / travelling


With the holiday season already started, you may have started the fear of going on holiday with friends or family, or feel disappointed that you might even avoid going at all.  Hypnosis is a way of changing those habits and giving you the freedom to go away AND enjoy the journey!  Some people have learnt these fears from a family member, or may have had a bad experience.  Whatever the reason Hypnosis may be the answer and help you in a just a few sessions.



Guy Swimming Cartoon Clip Art

Recently a lady came with a fear of swimming from the shallow end, to the deep end of the pool, and she didn’t like anyone swimming towards her.  Her medical condition added to the fear, but after three sessions she phoned me with excitement that she did it the day after the last session, and it was easy!




A young boy of 5 years had nightmares after a seeing a film with a lot of monsters, a mistake as it was a 12 year old rating.   He had suffered for a long time, frightened to go to sleep and had regular nightmares where he would always wake up and then sleep with his mother.    After one session he has slept very well since.  This would have helped his energy levels at school too.  His mother is extremely pleased as she can also sleep well without being disturbed.

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