Don’t ruin your summer holiday, BBQ’s or picnics…

Fear of flying insects, bees, wasps, and spiders?

Try Hypnotherapy and remove the fear of insects so you can have a great time outdoors and enjoy a camping holiday or a holiday abroad.

The first time I went abroad and saw a ‘Praying Mantas’ on the mantelpiece my friend and I avoided it for days!  It didn’t ruin our holiday but it looked scary.  Some people have a memory of being stung by a wasp, sometimes the fear can be learnt from a parent.

With one or two Hypnotherapy sessions you could break the habit and enjoy the party!  If this applies, or any other fears (fear of flying abroad) anxieties please call the Broadstone Clinic for a free 15 min chat.

You can book an appointment with Josephine Pridmore – General Hypnotherapy Registered therapist since 2003.

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