So how are your aspirations and plans for the New Year going or has the fast pace of life taken over? Has the pull of everyday living got you nestled comfortably back into its arms once more?

For many of us, we naturally gravitate towards familiarity be it pleasant or unpleasant, boring or challenging.  Familiarity does have a very positive role to play, as it can give us a sense of comfort and security. Many of us slip into familiarity like into a warm bath, lingering there until either the water is getting cold, our fingers are wrinkled or its time to be somewhere else!  Sometimes this momentum can be challenging to break, should we wish to make a change.

But all  is not lost! The wise ones say that the easiest way to break a habit is to put a new one in its place. There are many tools and therapies to help us to establish new patterns and  habits that move us towards our aspirations. EFT is one of them, it helps to release limiting beliefs, fears or phobias or feelings of being stuck and many other emotional and physical issues too.

I hope 2017 brings you the opportunities and experiences you long for and if you feel you would like a jump start – contact the clinic to arrange a session.

Louise French

Energy healer, EFT, Matrix Reprinting