I intend to show people on Saturday 19th July a part of my anatomy few of them have seen before: my chin! My children, (29 & 24), have never seen it.  My ex-wife has never seen it.  Only people who know me from Broadstone First School, (Primary School as it was in those days), or Poole Grammar School know it exists for sure.

Here’s the whys and wherefores:

I should be dead. In 2008 I suffered an aneurysm, (stroke), sub-arachnoid haemorrhage, and various complications, including hydrocephalus, meningitis and epilepsy, leaving me fighting for my life. May to September of that year was not the best of summers for me. I had seven lots of surgery and 3½ months in a coma! Technically I got as near to death as you can get without dying.

In 2011 I raised over £4,000 doing a Triathlon and was made The Wessex Neurological Centre, (WNC), Fund Raiser of the Year. In 2014 I want to raise at least £5,000. This money I want split between Southampton and Poole Hospital. The first saved my life, the second gave me back my quality of life. Physically much easier, but psychologically much more painful I will have all my hair and beard removed on July 19th.  I am now 55 and have not shaved since I was 19.  At this rate the next time I will be doing this is when I am 91!

I really don’t want to do this but keep looking at the harrowing but none-the-less amazing promotional video the WNC brought out last year, showing the many people who have been saved by Southampton Hospital, including Tristan Pascoe from BBC Radio Solent.  Watch the video below. To make a donation on my Just giving page, click here. People donating £10 or more get a free copy of the e-book I brought out last year: “Bloke With a Stroke – The Hole Story” – Life before, during and after my stroke.