ASA Article: Case No. 320439 ( as of 21st October 2015)
Complaint Reference: A15-307899 (as of 19/04/16)

Following contact by ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) in 2015 I have decided to create this page to inform my patients why my name appears on the ASA website, see: Readers maybe interested to note that as of 19th April 2016 their correspondence (and harassment) continues.

Having received ‘a complaint’ from the ASA I decided to investigate the matter and found myself being referred to the office of the AMH (Association of Master Herbalists) where Adam Smith MAMH was kind enough to explain a little more about ‘The Advertising Standards Authority’. Coincidentally, Adam was at that time writing an article for The Herbalist Magazine and asked me to contribute, telling my story with regard to the investigation.

For readers interest I have reproduced his article (by kind permission) as a downloadable PDF. If you are a herbalist or natural healthcare practitioner more generally, and have found yourself under ASA scrutiny you can contact Adam at the AMH on the following email:

I would also strongly recommending subscribing to The Herbalist Magazine for updates on this issue or becoming a member of the AMH, see their website UK Herbalists – Association of Master Herbalists by clicking here.

Sarah Burt ND

Click the link below to read the article ‘THE ADVERTISING (DOUBLE) STANDARDS AGENCY AND YOU’ by Adam Smith MAMH Adams-ASA-Article-2015 (1)