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David says:

“Following the survival and recovery of my massive stroke and complications of 2008 I’ve spent a lot of time helping to raise funds for Southampton and Poole Hospitals.  The first saved my life, the second gave me back my quality of life.  Hopefully the people in the south reading this won’t require the services and skills of these centres of excellence, but chances are they will have family and friends who will.  One only had to see the various people present in my Occupational Therapy group to realise that the unexpected is only a hairsbreadth away for many of us.  In 2011 I managed to raise over £4,000 and was made The Wessex Neurological Centre Fund Raiser of the year.  I have spent many hours since my discharge from hospital writing a book in three parts.  Half the proceeds of the book, ($7 – just over £4 – for all three parts), I want split between the two hospitals.  The book is available initially only as an e-book, which can be read on PCs, Kindles or other similar devices, including Smartphones.  If it sells well I will release it as a paperback, which means I will be able to include pictures, particularly good in the recipe section.

The first book of this trilogy, €œSub-arachnoid Haemorrhage – The Holistic Trilogy€, is the most informative section is called €œBloke With a Stroke – The Hole Story.€ It recalls the trauma I went through and offers my recollections of a mixed, varied life, full of colourful characters. The second book, €œHole-istic Lifestyle€, the most important part, contains information on exercise, food, nutrition, and diet. It gives advice on lifestyle and the value of healthy living. It contains many vegetarian and vegan recipes, a lot of my own creation. Book Three, €œHole-e-days€, the most interesting, recounts much of the travelling I done over my life. It also includes an account of the two years I lived in Australia.

In Pink Floyd’€™s song: €œ”Free Four”€ from “Obscured by Clouds”€ is the line: €œLife is a short, warm moment, And death is a long cold rest.

This e-book is a celebration of that short warm moment.

The opening line of the song is: “The memories of a man in his old age, Are the deeds of a man in his prime€”. Having reached my early 50s, (tho’ only just!), I have had a life that has been fascinating and at times amusing. If I had died the memories of this would have been lost. Not so much an autobiography, more my life’s thoughts and memoirs”

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