IgG Antibody Testing

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The Broadstone clinic has introduced IgG antibody testing. After practicing 26 years as a midwife, Marjo Algate retired from the NHS and now works in the Broadstone Clinic… Read More »

Familiarity breeds contempt or content – that is the question! Written by Louise French

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So how are your aspirations and plans for the New Year going or has the fast pace of life taken over? Has the pull of everyday living got… Read More »

Art Therapy

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What is Art Therapy? Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy where you are given the opportunity to express and work through difficulties creatively and not have to… Read More »

Reiki Training Course

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Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki First Degree Course Next workshop takes place over two days- 1st day is on Sunday 9th October & 2nd day is on Sunday 30th October Course… Read More »

ASA & the Herbalist by Sarah Burt ND

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ASA Article: Case No. 320439 ( as of 21st October 2015) Complaint Reference: A15-307899 (as of 19/04/16) Following contact by ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) in 2015 I have… Read More »

Melanie Smith – Nutritional Therapist

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Melanie Smith BSc (Hons) Nutrition, BA (Hons) Health Studies, ANutr NUTRITIONAL THERAPIST My passion in nutrition started when my husband and I were planning our first child.  I… Read More »

Hypnosis success stories: curing fear of flying, swimming & nightmares. Josie Pridmore

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Fear of flying / travelling With the holiday season already started, you may have started the fear of going on holiday with friends or family, or feel disappointed… Read More »

Asthma and Osteopathy by Guy Ryder DO, BSc (Ost) Hons

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Assisting asthmatics by improving breathing Asthma: Approximately 5.4 million people suffer from Asthma in the Uk. It is a breathing condition that affects the airways going into the… Read More »

Now in stock – Schuessler Tissue Salts….. what are they?

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What are cell salts? By Susan Gianevsky B.Ed, ITF, Dip Hom, International speaker, Author Tissue Salts are a homeopathically prepared micro dose of the body’s 12 vital minerals. … Read More »


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An EFT session involves gently tapping a sequence of meridian points on the body with fingertips. This simple yet powerful technique re-balances the energies of the body, releasing… Read More »